Our first Handmade Cake Topper & how Clay Creations was born

Handmade in Ireland, Loved around the world!


Right from an early age and throughout school I was always creative, this ultimately led me to studying art in college, this along with honors business degree gave me the confidence and knowledge to start up my own business.

The first creation I ever made came about when I was getting married, I knew I wanted custom figures of our family but quickly discovered all companies offering personalised handmade figures were too expensive so (cue the A-team music) I made my own 😊.


While the quality of my work as come a long way since then I knew I was onto something and loved taking a simple vision and transforming it into a finished keepsake that will last a forever memory of our special day.

Taking off..

Making Clay figures and decoration for family and friends as gifts eventually expanded into the business you see today.

My goal is to offer the best handmade creations (ie: Wedding Cake Topper, Birthday Cake Topper) using the finest material at a modest price and continue to wow my customers ever time!

Late 2015 “Clay Creations by Sarah” was born, first doing business via Facebook, word of mouth & other small online platforms we created our own website “www.claycreations.ie” which now showcases some of our best work, categories including Weddings, Christenings, Communions, Confirmations, Birthdays, Christmas and much more.


Order process


Every order is made carefully and with love.

Our aim is to always meet the highest possible standard, to make sure that our customers (you) are satisfied at all times.

Limited only by your imagination we will take you through the ordering process step by step.

We will take your own personal interests and likes and incorporate them into a beautify Polymer Clay Creation that will be a forever keepsake.

Browse our online store for inspiration, read our bashful reviews and feel free to reach out using our contact page.




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Unique Personalised Cake Toppers

We make handmade Wedding Cake Figures (Toppers) from the finest polymer sculpting clay.

Based on your likes and interests we will create a fun personalised keepsake that will take centre stage on your special day and will last forever as a token of that special day.


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Handmade in Ireland, Loved around the world

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